Cash Flow Tips for Medical Practices

Cash Flow Tips for Medical Practices

It is a fact of modern life that your medical office has to manage its flow of cash even closer because more of your revenue is dependent upon patient self-pay versus insurance reimbursement. It is really tough to get funds for medical practice. There are some basics to get the cash flow for your medical practice that should follow to save more:

Seeking medical practice financing for you is one of the most important steps in securing the healthcare working capital funds to support your practice. Getting the right financing can help you with buying some expensive equipment or improving the setup of your office and / or improving your medical practice daily cash flow requirements.

Go for a proper credit policy

It is obvious to get a credit policy that easy to follow each day and every week. This should be a well0defined and written policy and you can share it with other staff. But not casually hand it over to your staff but give them a training to get it easily.

Have a good selection of policies instead of having one

If you are involved in a group practice or a part of multi specialty hospital, you should have different policies for different doctors. This can be the reason of lack of the clarity for each staff. It is good to have a policy that can cover the complete expenses of a medical practice center and it makes everything simple and clean and helps you clear out the confusion.

Go with a proper credit policy that fixed and can cover the expenses of broken appointment, interest amount of the late payers and convenient terms of payment.

Collect cash from the patients

The best way to collect money for healthcare practice is to get money from the regular visits of the patients. They can use each of the method of payment to get the cash flow. This can include check, cash, debit or credit cash or anything that promote the flow of cash. You should know the insurance details of your patients by assigning someone. You should keep the data about the billing details of your patients.

Funding sources

Healthcare practitioner can get access to the funding without going through banks or other traditional lenders. Healthcare funding sources like LLC, Medical Funding Associates that offer healthcare practices the good chance to get access to quick flow of cash by simply reviewing their filed, but unpaid claims and convert these claims into useful cash very fast. These include the claims that have been made to any top insurance firms. It is significant that healthcare practice executives and their advisors understand that this option of getting funding can be flexible and ongoing for the medical practice.


Promptly invoice and send the statements on regular basis

Your account should be receivable and it will be the biggest asset of your business. It is the best small business tips that make it top on your priority list. You should use an invoicing software to keep all the things on track and send consistent statements to keep the cash flow on right track.