Customer Loyalty Tricks for Fitness Franchisees

Customer Loyalty Tricks for Fitness Franchisees

The customer service of a fitness business or franchise will surely be the braking or making the business. Health and wellness business runs on the basis of the feedbacks of the customers. Due to the huge competition in the market, it is utmost important to use some excellent tricks or strategies to retain the old customers and get new customers as well.

Loyalty and referrals programs

Loyalty and referral programs are great strategies for attracting new as well as rewarding old clients in such businesses. It is of greatest importance to balance the two groups perfectly as the slightest lack of attention to either can lead to loss of both bases. Free gear, therapies, gym services or weekend getaway can be offered in return for client loyalty.

Special Memberships

Special memberships such as free membership and corporate memberships are the effective ways to attract new members to your fitness centers and increase sales. Chances are greater than a person will subscribe to a long-term membership after having a free taste of services that offered by your fitness franchise. This is the reason that Free Membership policy is a good marketing trick. Corporate memberships are also offered to the companies and large corporations who buy the membership at group rates and offer the subscriptions to employees in exchange for sales or good behavior.

Point-based program

If you are planning loyalty marketing for your fitness centre, go for the loyalty programs that based on the points. This can be the buy two and get one offer. You can customize the offers according to your priority and business policies. You can offer some loyalty based points to the most consistent customers or can offer an extra hour for free training after the certain paid hours. If you are a franchise holder of a fitness studio, you can offer free classes or private sessions so that the customers will come back to you.

Payment for weight loss

Cash and weight loss are excellent ingredients for a winning marketing recipe of fitness franchise. The cash reward can be the initial attraction with the specific weight loss challenge following close behind. We, humans, are generally the competitive individuals and we will not back down easily from such a huge chance of gaining health and with little something in our wallet. The challenging structure needs to be easy. Firstly, the member upon joining will be weighed and at a time determined by rules or terms and conditions will be re-weighed. With such competition or interesting program, it is imperative that you should disclose the full information to the members including rules before the commencement. This will certainly eliminate scopes of confusion or disputes.

Keep good control and check on the requirements of your customers. You should follow the health club advertising policies like greeting your customers as they enter or leave, value the customers’ requirements, introducing them to the members etc. Let your potential customer know you and your business policies and the support provided by your company so that they will also find interest in your company and you will be able to increase the sales of your company.