Do I need First-Aid for My Small Business

Do I need First-Aid for My Small Business

First aid at the workplace is important, and has to be an indispensable part of the entire health and safety process. In the US as well as in the UK, there are rules about the need to have first aid in business organizations. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 lays down specific rules, and any breaches in them and not being able to satisfy first aid requirements at the workplace can invite penalties. If the situations demand it, there could be enforcement action in the form of prosecution or issuing of a notice. Thus, employers should have first aid kits and trained first aiders at the workplace.

Need for first-aides

Although it is not a mandatory requirement to have annual refresher training, employers are strongly suggested to assist trained first aiders maintaining the basic skills and updating themselves with alterations in the first-aid processes. First aiders should be prepared enough to spring into action either in case of medical emergencies or minor injuries. If you have a bigger organization and there are higher risks, you need to ensure that there are more appropriately trained first aiders in your workplace who might be called in case of an accident. The first aiders should have got certification and trained formally in first aid. Based on the number of staff and the level of risk, you might probably like to have someone from your organization attend a First Aid program for 3 days at a Work Training Course.

Need for a first-aid box

It is a requirement for every business to store on site a full-fledged first-aid box that can easily be accessed by staffs, and which contains all the basis first-aid stuffs needed. Employees should be notified about the necessary first aid arrangements in the workplace. There are some requirements in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when it comes to CPR preparedness and first aid in the workplace. In order to comply with ready availability of medical personnel”, your organization needs to train employees, so that medical assistance can be availed on-site immediately. If your organization is a part of some types of industries, such as Logging Operations or Power Distribution, you need to train a minimum of one employee in CPR and first aid, so that he can always show a response in case of a medical emergency on-site.

Need to consider risk factors

As a requirement, businesses have to make an overall consideration of the risk factors involved, such as the number of physical hazards present – like machinery or chemicals, the prior track record of the premises in ensuring staff safety prior to first-aid provision implementation across the work site, the premises’ location with respect to the emergency services, the experience level or number of employees etc. If your organization belongs to an industry with high injury incidence, employees need to be given medical attention in 4 – 6 minutes. If your business operates from a rural area, contact the local medical emergency service provider and evaluate the expected response time in your site for 911 calls.