Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Hiring a Great Team

Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Hiring a Great Team

As one of the new-age or millennial entrepreneurs, you need to build a strong team that can help you through thick and thin to success. Having the right team is one of the most important steps at the initial stages of business, something that would determine your success in the future. Here are some things that an entrepreneur needs to know about hiring a great team.

Do not hire your replicas

While it can be good to have like-minded people on the board, what you actually need is different types of people who share the same passion and goal but can bring different talents, philosophies and experiences to benefit you. However, they should be likeable people you would love to spend time with and who are easy to interact with. With a team comprising of diverse people, you can get different values, personalities and perspectives and ensure a better workplace where better productivity can be achieved by using diverse experiences and skills.

Carry out checks on the social media background

The social media platforms are great ways for entrepreneurs to do standard background checks on your potential team members. Almost everybody who uses the internet has a profile on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and you can check these to get a better idea of the personality, professional records, social circle etc. Websites like LinkedIn give you a better insight into the entrepreneurial spirit, professional values and career goals of applicants. Check whether they enjoy good relationships with coworkers and previous employers, and are regarded for their work ethic.

Look for passion

It could be that you would like to pay top dollar to talented people. But remember that passion has no substitute. Fresher with passion for the profession are interested in changing how the industry functions and doing something that can put their career in the spotlight. They are out to prove themselves, and you can benefit with such people. Even if they are slightly low on skills, you can expect them to make up for it in the future.

Try to recruit Generalists

Generalists are people who have diverse interests and possess the ability to cross into various territories, having the ability to take on other professional roles if there is a need. In the initial stages of your startup business, you need such people who can transcend their roles and assume other responsibilities as per requirement. That will save you the costs and expenses in time to hire people with the skills to undertake such duties.

Encourage referrals

Urge your existing team members to refer you other employees from their social circle who can be great additions to your workplace. Start a referral program that would motivate existing employees in your organization to bring in other experienced people. Your trusted colleagues can give you the best referrals by referring individuals who are experienced in the professional domains that your organization needs skilled recruits in. This is a great small business tip that never goes wrong for small business owners.