Green Ideas to Get Your Customers (and Employees) on Board with Earth Day This Year

Green Ideas to Get Your Customers (and Employees) on Board with Earth Day This Year

One of the main responsibility of a company or a business is participating and support of community events. This means that your business organization should always be committed to holding hands with the surrounding community in doing something that will uphold the lives of the community. “Going green”, has been the slogan of the united nation environmental program and must all the other business organization support the world starting from the immediate community has been one of the things that businesses have considered as well. Your business organization needs a number of green ideas to get your customers, employees and even stakeholders on board to support the earth day.

Always ensure that recycling is a policy in your organization

Recycling is the process of ensuring that all the non-biodegradable wasted are put into use. For example instead of releasing polythene papers into the environment, your company needs to come up with ways of recycling them to make another useful products. Used polythene bags can be recycled to come up with a type of fuel that can be used in cooking stoves. When companies recycle the huge amounts of polythene wastes, huge amounts of such wastes will be reduced from the environment hence making the earth green and clean.

Come up with Green Contests

Considering that people are motivated by contests, it is important for your business to promote green contest where whoever plants many trees or vegetation cover and also the best ideas can be rewarded for their efforts. With that idea in mind, your employees will be motivated by your commitment towards rewarding them. Such a contest will cultivate a green culture where people within your organization will hold on the idea or recycle for clean environment.

Do an extensive promotion of green earth movement

Your organization can actually promote the need for a green surrounding. The promotion can be done through various channels such as the social media platforms and even through road shows. This will tell your customers as well as your employees that your organization values the environment and is committed to making the earth a better place to be and a better place where the next generation can grow. It is through these promotions that you can actually share the idea of recycling of waste products to reduce dirtying the environment.

Invite a wide range of stake holders

There are so many stakeholders who are interested in the earth day and any other activity that will ensure that the earth is a better place to be. With that, you need to be in a good position to obtain proper support from these stakeholders. If the government is one of the main stakeholders in environmental issues, you need to share the need for business organization to recycle their wastes rather than releasing them into the dumpsites. The over-dependence on dumpsites is basically contradicting the world vision to attain 90 percent green earth by the years 2020.