Horrible Call-to-Action No-Nos Small Business Make

Horrible Call-to-Action No-Nos Small Business Make

Call-to-Action is a phrase that most small business owners don’t like to hear being mentioned anywhere. Even though it is neither a fun phrase nor an interesting topic, any marketing professional will tell you that Call-to-Action is a necessary skill that every small business owner should master.

In this post, we are going to discus some of the worst call-to-action no nos. Using these habits will only drive your existing and potential customers away.

Buy Now!

The phrase “Buy Now” is actually an old-fashioned call-to-action. It is a perfect example of push marketing, and it is not always effective. In this digital error, you should not try to push your service or product onto consumers. Instead, tailor your business to perfectly fit into the ever-evolving lifestyle habits and needs of the customers.

Using the word “Download” many times

Of course, its 2018, and the concept of “free download” is not anything new. However, most people are usually hesitant to download files from the sources they are not used to. You should have this in mind when you are marketing your product or service. One of the best tips to get people download whatever you are offering is to ensure that there are no any security issues that they are likely to encounter.

Overusing exclamation points

Even though this is not a specific call-to-action, steer clear from using from using exclamation points when you are directing your customers. It not only looks unprofessional, but it also shows desperation. Of course, you want the customers to interact with your brand. However, you don’t need to beg them to. Appearing like you are begging will only push your customers away.

Failing to include a call-to-action

You should not forget to include a call-to-action when advertising your brand. It might sound crazy but the truth is that there are so many marketing professionals who usually forget to include a call to action in their marketing campaigns. This is very common with email marketing. Many marketing professionals marketing small businesses usually fire out very appealing email but forget to include a designated purpose.

One of the best marketing tips is to include several CTAs in your emails. Be sure not to overdo it though. Just set very clear goals and accompany them with direction.

Asking your users to submit several forms

Some words such as submit have bad connotations, and using them will make your campaign ineffective.  Just like you, users too will most likely start thinking of obligations and paperwork when they find the phrase ‘submit forms’. Avoid anything that users are likely to associate with paperwork and obligations because such associations are never good for any brand. If you have to use this phrase, then be sure not to overdo it.

Using push marketing methods

Avoid surrounding all your campaigns with push marketing strategies. Instead, use pulls marketing. Push marketing is whereby you are pushing and forcing your service or product on the consumers hoping that they are going to act accordingly. On the other hand, pull marketing is whereby you make the consumer drawn to what you are offering.