How Laughter Can Help Your Small Business?

How Laughter Can Help Your Small Business?

Humor helps in asymmetric thinking, improving creativity and energizing people. According to studies, humor can improve performance and boost employee productivity in the workplace. It can also help beat workplace stress, by releasing the feel-good chemicals from the body, reducing tension and allowing one to connect with another more easily. Find out how laughter can help your small business.

Effective for customers

Studies and data show that humorous content enjoys more shares and hits than standard content. With funny content, you can reduce anxiety among your target audience and get organic sharing among various types of social groups. Blog posts, images, videos, memes and funny gifts are among the content that get the most amount of traffic.

Humanizing your brand

Humor binds customers together and also draws them to your brand. When you make your target users laugh or even grin, you can establish a special bond. When you think of the commercials you grew up watching, you will find that at some point they brought a smile on your face – whether through funny social posts, customer service initiatives or core beliefs. Do your best to make people smile, so as to give a human aspect to your brand and create a positive impression on them.

Encourage a sense of humor in the workplace

This does not mean you will give employees a free rein to go around the office and crack jokes. It simply means not being too serious or heavy-handed while going about your business. Smile more often and let others do the same. Allow people to be light and jolly, but not too relaxed. You need the right mix of seriousness and fun to get work done as well as put your employees at ease to make them feel relaxed in the office. The utmost productivity comes from a relaxed ambience. Workers often watch their boss’ facial expressions to get an idea about how the day is going. Smile more, and let others reciprocate in the same way.

Introduce fun activities and initiatives

You can introduce various low-cost initiatives or no-cost initiatives to introduce some fun into the workplace. These can include trying online improv games, bringing in a Laughter therapist, hiring a humorous motivational speaker to make people laugh in your office for some time, urging employees to submit a cartoon for the office magazine and more. Use the internet or even make your workers think about other fun activities to keep themselves entertained and engaged during the recesses or once during the weekdays.

Inject humor into your ads

According to a few studies, ads that are laced with humor have 25% higher effectiveness as compared to regular ones. With humor, you can increase the odds for your leads to respond to your call to action messages. This is because funny ads are more attention grabbing and have a higher recall value. Funny ads are loved by a higher section of the audience, and these can be a defining strategy for marketing your brand to a larger number of people.