How to Build a Good Workplace Culture for Small Business?

How to Build a Good Workplace Culture for Small Business?

There are various types of small businesses, but the ones that are really successful have an amazing corporate culture that inspires creativity and leads to productivity. However, many small business owners find it very difficult to build such a culture and do not know where to begin. Most of them are too busy focusing on the other aspects of business and profit generation, and do not really put in efforts to cultivate a great company culture. But here are some tips to help you to do so.

Appreciate and approve

Man is a social animal and it is in his nature to crave for appreciation, even if silently. Make sure that you do not hold back on your appreciation, such as words of affirmation. A simple handwritten note, a warm handshake or a verbal thank you can be enough to motivate your employees and inspire them to do their best for your company.

Be of assistance

Try to be of service when there is need. Life is unpredictable, and there can be sudden issues such as medical emergencies of a friend / family member, an illness, depression or even work fatigue. Giving a day off from work, allowing work from home, giving a small increment to a hardworking employee who is facing financial problems lately – all such gestures can ensure a great company culture that would earn great goodwill for your business. Co-workers can step in to help their colleagues with a project even when they do not really need to do so.

Spending quality time

Yes, it might be a workplace but profits and deadlines do not have to be the last word. Remember that human relationships are very important in a professional environment, since no business can survive without human resource. Try to spend a few minutes of quality time with a teammate or take some time out to have lunch together and discuss things that you can bond over.

Ensure proper touch

In this era of appropriateness of behavior, you cannot let the old ways of life continue. Encourage proper touch such as a congratulatory handshake or a pat on the back, but nothing more that can be construed as sexual advances. Practice this yourself and also urge others to do the same. Make sure that you do not ignore the complaints or grievances of employees with respect to any such issues. If word goes out that your company adopts a loose approach about workplace harassment, things could be pretty bad for your business in the short as well as in the long run.

Focus on an inclusive culture

Adopt an inclusive decision-making process in your organization, and get the opinion of everyone before you reach a decision. Research shows that workers who feel that they are involved in the decision-making step show more than average loyalty to the company. They feel important and included, even when their suggestions are not acted upon. Inclusion is undoubtedly one of the small business tips that never go out of fashion.