How to Choose the Best Surveillance System for Your Small Business?

How to Choose the Best Surveillance System for Your Small Business?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities and serve as a source of employment and platform to satisfy various requirements. It is important to keep small business establishments safe, to ensure that the lifeline of the society is never affected. These enterprises lack the capital of big businesses to invest on the safety aspect, but that does not mean that the security front should be ignored. However, choosing a surveillance system for a small enterprise is never easy, given that the requirement of every business is slightly different. That said – here are some easy tips to help you choose the best surveillance system and security camera for your small enterprise.

Consider your requirements

These include considering whether you have many buildings to cover with the security system. In that case, a network video recorder with enough video storage and a wide array of cameras will possibly be the best option for you. For simple observation, digital video recorders, security enhancements and theft deterrents are the best choices. DVR can be enough for most of the small businesses as these are less costly, come with as many as 16 cameras and provide owners with remote access.

Determine placement and coverage

Surveillance cameras have varied capabilities, and the placement of your camera will let you determine the best camera for your needs. For example, a camera having a wide dynamic range can deal with changes in light when a door closes and opens. This makes it the best for viewing entryways. In case you have a dimly lit area to cover, go for cameras having infrared properties.

Determine the system that you prefer

You have to also consider whether you need an IP or an Analog system. An IP system happens to be friendlier for users, and allows the opportunity for easy upgrades. It can be completely wireless and can easily be installed. An IP system can be accessed remotely, and can boast of significantly better resolution. Some of these may have video analytics and can come with the cloud storage option. Although such a system is slightly more expensive, investing on it can be worthwhile.

Determine the best camera

You can choose from different types of surveillance cameras, and your choice should be guided by your needs. A weatherproof camera with a built-in microphone and long night vision range can be your best bet if you want to place it outdoors. There are just a handful of options for indoor usage. Go for a bullet camera if you wish to cover a particular spot, such as the front of your cash register. A dome camera with a wider field of vision might be the best choice for you. Look for a dome camera with motion tracking and zoom/tilt/pan capability if you wish to achieve a very high end security experience. For most small businesses, sophisticated home surveillance systems can be enough. The choice ultimately rests on you, according to the safety risks faced by your business and the steps that you wish to take to reduce those risks.