How to Get Customer Reviews and Feedback?

How to Get Customer Reviews and Feedback?

There are many factors that influence the decision of customers to opt for your product or service. It is easier these days to buy online, without a need for customers to interact with a sales rep first. However, that makes things difficult for you as a seller as you are unaware of how your customers view your product. With reviews and feedbacks from customers, you can get to hear the customers’ side of story. Here are some easy ways to encourage your customers and make them leave feedbacks or reviews for your business.

Send emails

Send your customers a friendly email after each purchase from their end, and encourage them to share a short feedback. Those who have bought your stuffs for multiple times in the past are likelier to leave a review as compared to first-time customers who have purchased a low-value product or made a purchase that is one-off.

Use Online surveys

This is among the best small business tips. You can set up these surveys easily, and these are scalable as well as convenient to analyze. Use software programs such as Survey Monkey that make the process much easier. Prepare a few questions, post it on a page on your ecommerce store / website and send the link to all the customers on your email list. You may also send this to your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Redirect visitors to the survey page after each purchase, to help them leave feedbacks more easily.

Add open-ended questions to surveys

This will let you get more idea about the customers. Design the questions in such a way that you can get a proper idea of how customers feel about your products / service, customer support service, delivery methods, pricing etc. Create the questions in very simple language, so that even laymen have no difficulty in understanding and responding to them. Keep the questions short and precise, so that customers do not have to waste a long time in understanding them.

Add a Live Chat feature to your website

Instant replies are what many customers look for these days, and you should not stay at the back-foot in this aspect. With a Live Chat feature, you can respond to many useful questions from customers and also get instant feedback from them. This can add value to the purchase experience of customers and improve the customer experience and response time. With Live Chat, you can learn about any problems that might be experienced by your customers.

Use online feedback forms

This is one of the structured strategies for helping customers get in touch with your website, and elicit their responses. Ensure that the form is easy to be filled and found on your site. You can use the responses from customers to improve your products or services, and ensure that your business moves in a proper direction. Online reviews can actually push up your sales, given the fact that these can influence the purchase decisions of other people and turn them into consumers for your offerings as well.