How to Grow Your Yoga Studio?

How to Grow Your Yoga Studio?

The Yoga industry is thriving and booming and is practiced by more than 20 million people in the US alone. However, with so many yogic studios opening up increasingly, yogic teachers do not find it easy to grow their business. It is important to grow a loyal, committed and strong student base if you wish to grow your business. Here are some useful tips to help you grow your yogic studio.

Develop a brand ambassador program

Brand ambassador programs are not anything new. Your ambassador program needs to be quite exclusive. Ambassadors market your retreats, workshops, classes etc in return for exclusive events, swag, discounts etc. Ambassadors are created best by your existing customers. Thus, you should check who your most satisfied students are and begin from that point.

Offer yogic parties

These parties are not quite common, but can be very effective when done in a proper way. This is based on a simple concept. You can go to the house of students and teach yoga for 1 hour at discounted prices. Everybody who registers and pays for a class package, series of classes or for a workshop at the party should be offered a free bonus that cannot be availed otherwise. You may offer bonuses in the form of exclusive membership access, free swag or free classes. This will offer your guests an incentive to register and make payments to you prior to leaving your yogic party.

Consider various offerings

When you offer costly private lessons, you end up pushing away students who can afford only the expense of group classes. On the other hand, group lessons will not be a good option for those who are able to afford parties. It is important to offer various packages to your customers and keep options for private as well as group classes. You can give monthly, 3-month and 6-month packages. With bundled packages, you can retain clients, predict income and reduce the amount of time that you spend in dealing with administrative duties or with on-boarding clients.

Begin to live-stream your classes

Livestreaming can be very useful for your yogic studio. It is possible to use platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live. Periscope happens to be the social network with the quickest growth in history. Live video happens to be the best way to make new customers trust, like and know you very fast. Once you are comfortable with conducting classes and recording videos, you can begin livestreaming.

Host free workshops

It is likely that there are some people in your social community who are not very interested in yogic activities. There are firmly established myths related to yoga. You can dispel some of these myths and make your community more aware about the benefits of yogic when you host a free workshop.

Create a loyalty program

You can find loyalty programs being offered at coffee shops, restaurants, cab agencies etc but hardly at a yogic studio. But you may offer a discounted monthly membership, a yogic video download, a water bottle, a shirt or a free class as a type of loyalty program.