How to Start My Own Skateboard Company?

How to Start My Own Skateboard Company?

Even a few years back, skate board brands and companies used to be scarce in number. However, the last few years have changed things. With the number of skate parks growing fast, skate board stores are now there in almost every street. If you are a skating enthusiast and wish to establish your own skateboard company, here are some important things to do.

Write a good business plan

You can refer to many websites and the Small Business Association for guidance. Business plans comprise of all the information about companies, and are needed when you plan to get a loan to start your enterprise.

Have the necessary papers

Apply at your state tax office and town hall for sales licenses, state tax registration and local business permits. In case you are planning to open up a store, a business zoning approval from your local government might be needed. If you wish to run your skateboard company in the form of a limited liability company (LLC), corporation or partnership, file the documents that are necessary with the office of your secretary of state.

Buy the requisite supplies

Buy the equipment, supplies and tools that are necessary for the particular skateboard operation of your choice. Your requirements might vary, and you can buy supplies, components and tools for skateboard building at wholesale skateboard supply stores or companies. You will need to show various types of information, including your state sales identification number, to open up a wholesale account.

Build a work space

Next, you have to make a work space ready in your house. Or you might consider renting a warehouse space or store. In case you are assembling or making skate-boards to resell them to skateboard shops, it is okay to go with a basement space, garage or a warehouse. In case you wish to sell them at retail, your local government will demand that you have your own retail store.

Do not ignore insurance

Buying business liability insurance can keep you, your customers and your start-up business assets protected if there are accidents or problems involved with the products that you sell or produce. Any good, professional insurance agent of repute will recommend that you buy only as much insurance as you need according to your type of business and own financial situation.

Get necessary advice

As a start-up owner you need to visit the website of SCORE and SBA for practical business startup advice. Know about all the general business practices and skate-boarding business aspects before you start your business, so that your chances of success in business can be maximized.

Outsource until you are ready

It is important to not handle everything until you are fully prepared. Outsource some of the processes of skateboard manufacturing until get the confidence to handle them on your own or have the capital to buy extra supplies. You can outsource some of the more complex activities such as board forming, board bending. Heat-transfer of images or designs onto prepared boards, screen printing, graphic design services etc.