How to Start Your Own Recording Studio?

How to Start Your Own Recording Studio?

Today, music making is more popular than probably at any time before. You need proper equipment to perform similar to a full-fledged recording studio. But first, you need a good space where you can record a song, podcast or videos for graduation or wedding. It is probable that you would like to set up your own record company or a voice-over business. Whatever you reasons for starting your own studio is, here are some tips to help you to become successful in your endeavor.

Choose a proper room

Do not choose a room that is too squeaky or noisy, and has echo. You would obviously likes to record in a place away from hallways or busy streets. Else, you will end up pick noises from the surroundings and have to spend hours cleaning up the ambient noises from your tracks. You will require a room that has thick walls and comprises of a chair and a desk.

Gather proper equipment

Once you have picked the venue for making a studio, you have to choose proper equipment. First of all, it is impossible to complete recording without using a microphone. Fortunately, the market has equipments to suit all types of budgets. Although of course there is variation to be expected in the audio quality, you need to choose cost-effective and mid-level equipment that has dependable quality and comes with very positive reviews. Based on what your requirements are, whether it comes to recording podcasts or music, you have to consider various microphones. You should also get other equipments, such as a MIDI controller, an electronic keyboard, microphone stands, adapters and cables.

Choose proper audio interface

This is a fine device serving as an intermediate between the studio monitor, the instruments and the microphone, and feeding the footage to your PC. Assuming that you do not have a PC already, it is important to get one. It is not necessary to go for anything fancy. However, you have to avoid using laptops as these are lacking in the strength of desktops and tend to overheat very easily.

Pick audio software

You will require a software program to be able to manipulate and process sound. If you have purchased an audio interface, it is quite probable that the software comes for free along with the package. However, you can find some popular options like Logic Pro and Pro Tools. Keep in mind that a few programs require high memory, speed and power. Thus, your PC has to be dedicated 100% to your studio.

Get studio monitors

These are a form of speakers that provide users with a purer and more natural sound. Buy a good pair of studio monitors that offer you a more realistic sound.

Buy Headphones

These are of course a must, as these serve as a piece of referencing equipment. You can obtain an estimation of the audio even without any professional equipment for recording. However, if you are unable to go ahead with the process, it is better to obtain some professional assistance.