Marketing Tactics to Bring More Business to Your Salon

Marketing Tactics to Bring More Business to Your Salon

Salons are here, there and everywhere. If you intend to enter the beauty business, it is essential for you to realize how to distinguish yourself and draw in more clients. Here are various types of marketing tactics that you should use to draw in more business to your salon and stay atop your game of marketing.

Offer referral discounts

This is a great business tip. Referral marketing is very useful in preventing the loss of clients every year. You can add customers regularly simultaneously. You may request your existing customers to come along with a friend the next time, and get an attractive discount for the referral. You may offer a discount or a free merchandise or salon product for the referral. While giving the freebies away, take a picture of your customers getting the same. Post the same on the social media platforms to add new content.

Offer Punch Cards or Loyalty Programs

It works similar to referral discounts. It is always a good idea to recognize the best and most loyal clients. You can give them a massive discount on their 11th visit for each of the 10 previous visits. Or you may consider giving completely free services for every 10th time that they visit. Keep in mind that customer loyalty is essential for the success of any business, and salons tend to capitalize on it easily.

Use Geo-targeted Ads

Such ads can be very useful for you, whether you use Google AdWords or Facebook. If you have a salon based in NY, why should you waste money on ads requesting for clients from Panama? Use ads that target your geographical location, and set up proper campaigns on Facebook, AdWords etc.

Set up Mobile Ads

Mobile ads, similar to geo targeting, can be extremely useful promotional strategies. This is particularly the case with the new bidding features of AdWords that let users bid in different ways on mobile phones and desktops.

Use the best Hashtags

Make use of appropriate hashtags to promote your salons for various events. These are annoying and slightly objectionable for some entrepreneurs, but very useful. It is a good idea to have all the photos of your salons capable of being found easily with proper hashtags. You can make a sales pitch with photos having your hashtag.

Make local posting of coupons

You can offer daily planners at the start of every year comprising of a schedule for the entire year and different coupons from various local businesses placed strategically all through the planner. This is a great way to get new customers by promoting and giving your business a wider reach, thus acquiring new customers from your local community.

Let customers make online reservations

Keep the provision of an online reservation system on your website, so that people can easily contact your business and easily set up an appointment.

Collect email addresses

It is a powerful and simple marketing strategy. You can use the email address of customers and use them for remarketing lists, referral bonuses, newsletter updates and appointment reminders.