Remarkable Way to Get Free Press for Your Small Business

Remarkable Way to Get Free Press for Your Small Business

In more often than not, small or growing businesses find it hard to get publicity. In most cases, the media usually think that only the big businesses are newsworthy. This makes it extremely hard, or even impossible for a small business to leverage the media.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and you can actually get free press for your small business. How is this possible? Well, there is a website known as HARO, which gives a small guy an opportunity to get publicity without having to spend any money.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is more of a social network that helps put reporters connected with experts globally. HARO began in 2008 just as a Facebook group, and it has so far garnered more than 25,000 experts and 30,000 reporters.

You must be wondering how this website can get your business free press while it is meant for reporters. Well, this is how it works for small business owners.

Step 1

Go to HARO website at and you will see the ‘Sign Up Today’ button, which is found in the ‘sources’ panel, which is on the front page that also contains ‘Reporters’ panel. So, you should avoid the latter because it is for reporters.

Step 2

Continue with the process of signing up, and indicate the expertise areas that perfectly serve your small business brand. In case you own a small shop, there is no need to indicate what the business does because that will limit you. Instead, sign up for personal interests and hobbies. This will allow your name to get out even more. Again, you can always try working your small business to such conversations as well.

Step 3

After signing up, keep on checking your email few times every day. Besides, scan all the selected requests to look for the items you are qualified to talk about.

Step 4

Respond as soon as you can for all the items you have identify. Do so using the link structure that is in the call-for-expert email. Instead of making a new bio every time, you should keep a relevant one which you will only copy and paste into the link response.

Step 5

Wait for the reporter involved to contact you.

Step 6

When contacted, give a convincing interview that demonstrates that you are an expert in what you are offering to customers or clients in your business. Explain what values your company gives to the people especially those who need the services or goods you sell.

Step 7

Repeat what you did in step 3. Do it as many time as you are able.

It is just that simple, and your small business might just get free press soon and achieve what most big businesses achieve through publicity.

HARO will put your name and what your company does in front of reporter or journalists who will then use you appropriately as a professional source in the stories about what you actually have expertise about. Because this also includes your small business, it will definitely get your name out there in a great way.