Should You Move from Online Selling to a Brick and Mortar Building?

Should You Move from Online Selling to a Brick and Mortar Building?

Whenever we talk about anything related to online, the first thing that comes to mind is technology. This is basically the application of technology in whatever we do as far as business activities are concerned. With that idea at hand, it important to ask ourselves the question as to whether we should move from online selling to brick and Mortar building. A close look at this question yields the answer “yes” and a “no”. This means that there are those circumstances when we need to stick to online selling and there some circumstances or situations when we need to go back to old brick and mortar ways of doing things.

We should stick o online selling and rip from efficiency

When the business we are engaged in dictates the need for efficiency, then we need to stick to those ways that will make sure that whatever we do is as efficient as possible. The idea of selling online is crucial for those business circumstances when we need to be efficient. For example, if you are running a fashion line business, then it calls for efficiency in marketing purchasing, selling and delivery methods. In order to ensure that we accrue to much needed efficiency, the consider sticking to online selling rather than the old method of selling from a physical location and not online. This is the best strategy to adopt as far as the need for efficiency is concerned.

Online Selling is more reliable than brick and mortar methods

What happens if you have a website such as amazon and post a picture of a certain product? Over a certain period of time, you will find out that the items posted online have received a number of views meaning that someone had an interest, viewed and that there could be interest hence sales. What does this tell you? It tells you that online selling if more reliable that selling from the premises. This is whether selling online beats other crude methods of selling.

Brick and Mortar techniques works well depending on the type of business

There are those types of businesses where technology may not be applied as far as the need to increase sales is concerned. Such a business include grocery businesses. Why I am I saying so? It is simple, a grocery store is a type of business that is normally located near or within the environment where potential customer are found. On the other hand, customers don’t need to go online just to order some groceries. The trend is that they will certainly have to present themselves to the grocery store, select what they need and head home till the next pick. This is basically operating a brick and mortar building.

Brick and mortar building could be taken to mean resistance for change that is common among business men and women of today. Some of them have stuck to the old ways of doing things just to because of the fear of the unknown.