Small Business Needs to Invest in Digital Marketing

Small Business Needs to Invest in Digital Marketing

Small-sized as well as mid-sized businesses are concentrating more on their digital efforts. A survey conducted in 2016 by Borrell exhibited that 75% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) planned to raise their advertising expenses in 2017. But research conducted by Clutch, a web designing agency, showed that 29% of smack businesses lack a website. Although many businesses are beginning to understand the advantages that can be offered by digital marketing, it appears on the other hand that many SMBs are still disinclined to invest. Find out why small businesses need to invest in digital marketing.

Your consumers are online

Some business owners suppose that spending on digital marketing is not worthwhile if their customers are not surfing the web. But 97% of customers check the web before they make a local purchase. As per other studies, 70 – 80% of customers research companies online prior to buying something. Small businesses not investing on digital marketing are likely to miss out on actual opportunities. In case you lack a site for your own small business, you are unlikely to rank in local searches that have a high rate of conversion. Likewise, there is the risk of loss of ground to competing businesses that are more tech-savvy and rank for vital search terms and keywords.

Changes in customers’ expectations are also evident

There is a rise in expectation among modern customers. In case a potential customer surfs the web to know about your small and medium business but sees a lack of social media profiles or a website on your part, it will be very shocking – particularly for the millennial generation and beyond. If you are serious about connecting and resonating with modern consumers, you must develop your own online presence and it should be a part of your strategies.

You need to benefit from seasonal trends

In the absence of a digital marketing strategy, it is tougher to abide by seasonal trends. Recent research has shown that mobile shopping and email marketing are driving up sales more these days. In case your business wishes to make maximum benefits from shopping days in peak sales seasons, you have to consider how you need to introduce mobile and email marketing into your own campaigns. Remember that digital platforms have a big impact on seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas, and this influence continues to grow. Digital marketing is indispensable for small businesses that work in the retail area.

You have mobile customers

Digital devices such as the smartphone have brought about a revolution in how customers shop today. Today, they can use PC and smartphones at any time to look for the products or services of their choice. There is confirmation from Google that more searches are being made on mobile phones instead of on desktops. As one of the small business tips, your website, in order to target mobile consumers, should be optimized to make them easily viewable on mobile phones. However, there is no need to optimize your website for mobile devices in a costly way. You can find plenty of plug-ins and themes that can let you do it easily.