Strategies for Small Businesses to Exploit Mobile Technology

Strategies for Small Businesses to Exploit Mobile Technology

Mobile phones are ubiquitous these days, and are used to run businesses, communicate, learn, search and shop. Smartphones and tablets make things happen very quickly, without any limitations in place or time. These days, mobile technology is making huge transformations in how people live, play and work. This is an important part of the strategies used by small business owners for thriving. Find out about some strategies for small businesses to exploit mobile technology.

Build a mobile friendly website

Hire a web developer to make your website mobile responsive. Ensure that each page of the site displays in a proper way on mobile phones with even small screens, so that the images and text can easily be seen.

Understand the customers

Use an analytics software program to know about customers’ location, how they discovered you, what they are shopping for, etc. You can use the info to customize your products and make them satisfy the needs of customers better. You can make your marketing efforts more targeted and attract more like-minded customers.

Connect with customers more

Use Instagram, Twitter and other social media websites that are highly popular. These can be a goldmine for you to get new or potential customers, given that mobile phone users are likelier to visit these websites. Visit just about any commuter train, coffee shop or waiting room and you can find most people surfing these websites on their mobile phones.

Try SMS Marketing

The last few years have witnessed the rise in the popularity of SMS marketing activities. It is obviously worthwhile, and all that you really need to do is maintain an updated contact list of customers. It is very likely that users will click on your marketing messages. If you can give them enough reasons to visit your website through the link given in the messages, much of your work will be done.

Connect with staffs even more

There are plenty of cloud based apps that let you do everything, whether it comes to scheduling shifts, sharing project notes or arranging remote meetings. If all of your employees can access the app using his or her smartphone, or one that you provide that person with, processes can be streamlined easily. This can also reduce the clutter and mismanagement in your own office space.

Go for cloud-based business management

With a cloud based business accounting and management app, you can check out calendars, inventory levels, sales and more with the help of your mobile device – no matter where you are and when you need to. You can directly integrate it with your bank and business management system, and ensure error-free, quick and automatic data entry process. It can be much more cost-effective as compared to standard bookkeeping services. It is one of the best small business tips for small entrepreneurs who wish to use their time in the best possible way, and minimize costs as much as possible.

The future holds great promise for mobile phones, and the mobile technology can be expected to play a more important role in popularizing small businesses.