Three Traits Leaders Should Get Rid of Immediately to Keep Their Staff

Three Traits Leaders Should Get Rid of Immediately to Keep Their Staff

Leaders are supposed to inspire, and be the sort of people that others can look up to. However, not all people can be leaders even when they assume leadership positions. Thus, people working under such individuals like to escape at the slightest opportunity. In case your business is losing important employees that you would like to keep, the problem could be attributed to your style of leadership. Here are three traits that leaders should immediately get rid of in order to retain their staffs.

Inferior communication skills

It is important to be able to articulate, and talk with employees constantly to understand what they have to say. Always keep the line of communication open but do not be the only one speaking in the room. You should be able to convey the strengths of your company to your juniors or employees through your leadership, and allow them to realize why they should share the company vision. If your workers are not inspired or feel underwhelmed by your communicative abilities, they are unlikely to share either your mission or vision. On the other hand, if your communication skills inspire them, they will like to stay on and jump to tackle every challenge that the company faces.

Being a dull role model

As a leader, who might be the owner of a small business, you are likely to be a role model for your employees. You will possibly be seen as the best example of the company culture, and people working under you will take cues from your speeches and actions. It is important to project a strong leadership image of a person who is unperturbed but serious about the setbacks and concerned only about improving business prospects and image.

Keep in mind that employees are watching your personality traits at every step, and if they find you an uninspiring figure, they will be likely to move on. On the other hand, if they are impressed by what you have to project and the traits that you exhibit, they will be more accepting of you and more ready to share your beliefs and vision.

Being a Control Freak

If you are a small business owner who has built his business from the scratch, it is understandable that you will like to manage each and every aspect. However, this desire to manage everything soon leads to an excessive desire to control each part of your business. Along with this, it is easy to develop an ego somewhere down the line. You should be prepared to delegate if you wish to make your business thrive and grow. Hire people who are proactive and intelligent, and rely on them.

With inspired people, you can set everything in motion and not have to micromanage everything. You should give them enough creative freedom to try out newer stuffs and take calculated, smart risks, so that your business gets newer directions. One of the traits of the best leaders is to always encourage risk takers. They are never afraid to experience failures.