Tips for Business Success on Instagram

Tips for Business Success on Instagram

Instagram is only some years old, but has more than 150 million users across the globe. You can post photos on Instagram to display services and products online and give your business a wider reach across the globe. The platform is used by millions, and has made it convenient for people to capture and share photos with friends. Other than networking, Instagram can be used effectively for marketing. It is a fantastic tool for promotion, and can be used for marketing businesses on the web. Here are some powerful tips to ensure success on business on Instagram.

Use famous hashtags

Hashtags offer a fantastic means to bag likes for your photos on Instagram. Hashtags may depend on your apps, location, Instagram filters, style of processing, style of photography, subject matter etc. You may even choose from any popular tag that is used often, such as #tigers, #instagood or #photooftheday. Check out the hashtags that others users make use of.

Take part in community activities

You can check out lots of mobile social networks and find many Instagram activities that can give you options to take part in. Engage with other users, similar to any other social network or community. The longer that you give time to other members and have interactions with them, the more you can find the same with you. Give ‘Like’ to the photos of other people, and leave deeply reflective comments that would grab their attention. You will be spotted by people beyond your immediate friends group and their friends as well, thus expanding your network quicker.

Edit your photos in a creative way

Choose photos with care. You would like to try the filters of Instagram, but these are not all. You can find better and richer features with iOS and Android apps that are used by many more mobile photographers. Use Snapseed, Fuzel, PicCollage or Adobe Photoshop Express to edit photos. These are apps that use a lot of creativity to produce attractive collages. Add your logo and signature style to the edited photos. After establishing your unique style or niche, you can get more easily noticed and soon be able to build a sizeable following.

Maintain consistency

When it comes to marketing in Instagram, consistency is vital. Maintain consistency in the postings and strive for posting images and media with a prominent and similar theme. This will help your followers to know what they should expect from you. Try to be active. Post a minimum of one time every day, and keep everything up to date. Make sure that your followers are consistently updated with the latest happenings from your end, but not constantly. The idea is to keep them posted but not badger them with an overdose of information. You may experiment with your posts at different times of the day, and find out when your posts work the best.

Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts

This is one of the best small business tips. It will help combine the brand reach of two powerful social giants, and boost your marketing power. If you have a fan page, it will help you in sharing your posts on Instagram to Facebook.