Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of Efortles Mobile Application and Online Portal with these short tutorial videos. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Linking Bank Accounts

Whenever you have a new account with any financial institution, you will need to link the account in the web portal.

Uploading Documents

If you receive a government notice, or have any information you would like to share with your CPA, you can upload the files following the tutorial.

Contacting Support

Need help with something? Anything? Don’t hesitate and contact us right away.

Hiring New Employees

Hired someone new? Or need to change some information about your current employee? Follow the tutorial to add or edit employee information.

Entering Payroll

Before you pay any employee, including the owners or shareholders, you need to enter the payroll information.

Finding Paystubs

What to know how much you should cut the check for an employee? Your processed pay stubs might come handy.

Knowing Your Business

Ever wonder how much your company spends on different aspects of the business? Want a clear visualization of the expenses? We have a pie chart that might be helpful for you.

Seeing The Numbers

Need a detailed Profit & Loss Statement to analyze your business? Or to provide to a third-party stakeholder? Check out the financial statement page.