What Hours Should My Business Be Open?

What Hours Should My Business Be Open?

What Hours Should My Business Be Open – is a question that many entrepreneurs wonder about. The answer to this depends on the type of business that you have and when your customers wish to conduct business with you. You have to take the time zones into consideration and adjust your business timings in an according way. It is important to consider the following tips to keep your business open and operation running only during the important hours.

Trust your instincts

It is best to keep your business open for those hours when you can offer a good service to customers. Trust your gut feelings and remain open when you feel you can get the most number of customers walking through your door. It is only during the initial days that you need to go with your gut feeling. As more time passes, you can get a hang of when business is at its best during the day.

Check around with competitors

Check when your nearest competitors remain open. Keep open for slightly longer or earlier than they open up, and you are likely to find many customers walking in. This way, you can get some of the customers your competitors will miss out on.

Track the hours

Track all the times that you are getting messages and hang ups. You may usually obtain this by mere observation or from your phone bills. Otherwise, you can have an employee or two track this to prepare a special report for you. Do this for 1 – 2 months until you can figure out when you are getting the most number of customers and when the turnout is very low.

Check with customers

You have to pay attention to when you get the most number of calls. Talk to customers and find out when the best business hours are, when they expect products or services from you. Use a thoughtful and logical approach that is also customer-oriented.

Check the holiday business hours

You will like to see whether your business gets traffic on Thanksgiving and Christmas, when people are supposed to be at home enjoying time in the company of their families. This is important if you have a food business, such as a pizza or cake business. Check the amount of sales that you make during this time, as well as the readiness of your employees to work during the holidays, to take a decision on whether you wish to keep your business operational during the holidays and on which business hours.

Consider your industry demands

Based on your industry, some hours might be better to remain open on. If you tend to be a restaurant owner, you can understand that people might not wish to cook during the weekends or on holidays. Thus, they could drop in for a meal. If you have a retail store, staying open and doing operation until late can let you get some last minute shoppers. In case you have a convenience or grocery store, you would like to stay open only for as long as customers can be expected to buy such items during the day.